everyone’s a suspect

So the other night the serial arsonist struck
I heard the fire engine pull up outside my house
I got up out of my bed and
went to the window to see what was up
there they were parked right in front of MY house
I could see a bit of smoke
and thought cool some excitement
so I grabbed my pj bottoms and headed down the stairs to get a better look
and as i looked out the window on my deck
I saw the flames coming up through the floor boards

 shit my house is on fire
oh shit my house is on

 i had to pee
i mean i had to pee bad
but my house was on fire
i ran for the bathroom
just as the pounding on the door started
i’m peeing
ok ok i ‘m coming
the pounding on the door intensifying
screaming at me to get the fuck out
i peed
ran out into the hall
and i didn’t know what to do
do I have time to get my computer

 do I have time…

 do i have time…

 I don’t know what exactly is burning
i don’t know how much is burning
but I do know that it is my house that is in fact
on fire

 how fast will it burn
my survival instincts kick in
i run to the door
i run outside
and stand in the middle of the sidewalk
watching fireman hose down the front of my house
i’m shaking without control
my house is burning
but they are there to put it out
and i can’t stop shaking
i am a deer in the headlights
watching the thing i fear the most
try and take out the best of me

 the fireman tell me there is a serial arsonist in the neighborhood
he’s hit 12 other houses in the last 6 weeks
oh great i’m lucky number 13
shit.. what the fuck…

 they like to set the trash bins and recycling bins on fire
our bins were next to the house so the house started to burn
shit… what the fuck… who the fuck…
a serial arsonist…

 the next day as i stand in front of my house and assess the damage
the reality of it hits me
i was so lucky
the fire dept were going to another fire when they saw ours
how lucky is that
another 5, 6 minutes and then a whole house a blaze
they just happen to go down our street

 as people walk down the street they stop and stare
they ask what has happened
the whole story is replayed over and over again
and everyone who asks is suddenly assessed

 why are you asking
why do you want to know
are you the one who did this

 everyone one is a suspect
and the paranoia just grows

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