little bandits

there was a ruckus outside my window
some kind of fight
screaming and yelling
i opened my shade
and pushed opened my window
one was still standing there under the street light
he looked up at me and we caught eyes
before he ducked out and into the dark
i waited a moment to see what it was about
nothing really i guess
maybe a difference of opinion
maybe wrong directions
a watched for a bit more
and then they came out…..
first one then another
then one more
they scurried up the sidewalk
with their bandit faces and their tails up high
you don’t see them to often in this city of lights
but they are there
so off they went strolling up the side walk
chattering to each other
looking for another backyard entrance
another hideout

Published in: poetry | on May 29th, 2008 |

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