too many moments

sometimes I sit and feel this
emptiness inside
and i think of the these moments
that are gone
is that this emptiness
these moments that will never be again
moments turned into memories
the longing for what is now just a faded dream
nothing to hold on too
nothing to wrap my arms around
it will pass this need this longing
it too will become just a memory
and just another moment that has passed

Published in: poetry | on May 25th, 2008 |

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  1. On 05amSun, 25 May 2008 11:42:34 +00002008-05-25T11:42:34+00:0011 2, 2008 at 8:09 p05 D.C. Hildago Said:

    Grand Slam.

  2. On 05pmSun, 25 May 2008 12:02:51 +00002008-05-25T12:02:51+00:0012 2, 2008 at 8:09 p05 kim\ Said:

    thank you D.C.

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