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it never left

thank god i lost motivation
after I had my shit together
getting back to where I started isn’t such a mystery
but trying to figure out how it got all fucked up
is a bit of conundrum

i have this pallet that I have chosen
for the last little while
to discard and leave to gather dust
but i have noticed it really isn’t so hard
to pick it up and blow the dust off

i wonder how it is that some never choose
to create a palette until they have run out of things to destroy
grasping for anything that they think will make their life complete
always feeling less than and fighting and insulting others
to make them think that they are more

so I think…
even though for a time i had given up
and tossed it all aside thinking i was the ruin
with my palette i will always have something to create
something that is never complete
but always growing

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