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lane splitting

as the days get shorter
the nights get colder
and the rain begins to fall
i am back to driving my little red truck
for 7 months i have enjoyed the
pleasure of my scoots
low gas mileage
fun to ride
my mid life crisis
at 80 mph
weaving in and out
gliding through traffic
70 miles round trip every day
the wind pushing against my face
the threat of death at every corner
i sigh ….
and as i sit in my little red truck
i have to keep reminding myself
that lane spitting is not an option
you would think it would be obvious
but i feel a twinge
and i think
i can fit between those two cars

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if they could just find their place

sometimes i just can’t put
the words on paper
or on digital note pad
they just linger
circling my head
not destine for other eyes to see
they just float
i grab for them occasionally
but not always
they wait
locked into a safe
where they can just hang out
for the right time
or feeling
or moment
they feel best
or maybe not
maybe they just stay where they are
only in my mind to see
dropped onto paper
in in-contiguous patterns
lowly and silent

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a door

stood between me and you
a frame and a few feet
open or shut
it didn’t really matter
it was the threshold that kept us back
and through this door we stared
and we watched
wondering what the other would do
until our legs gave way to the weight
of it all and we sank to the floor
and dreamt of crossing through that door

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it wasn’t that you didn’t hear me
it was that you did
and somewhere between
what i said
and what you heard
the words got lost
the temper turned red
and a fireball
came screaming towards me
and all i had said was
” how’s your brother”

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i’ve seen some things…

the other day i sat and watched
as the clouds came in and poured out
on to the streets
in the first big rain of fall

 a few weeks back i leaned out my bedroom window
and watched as Angle Island burned in the middle of the bay
like a giant bonfire for all to see

 and just a day ago
i watched my friend help an old blind man
across the street and heading in the right direction

 this man has pride and self respect
i appreciate that
sometimes i wonder where mine has gone
but at the same time i believe it might be his undoing

he’s been blind as long as i have known him
my friend lives across the street from him
and when she sees him will help out if he needs it

 but he wants his independence even though it is
an almost impossible task
he wants no cane
he wants no sympathy
he wants his ownness
he wants the ability without dependence

 he feels his way against the stucco of the buildings
memorizing each crack and blemish
his road map home
his call of independence

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a change is a comin

in small amounts
it happens every day
most of us are afraid of it
changing what has become routine
into something unknown
little bits and pieces
reorganize and grow
but it comes and it goes
sometimes good
sometimes bad
but there is no way of stopping it
we are on a major brink of change
in the way we think
in our appearance to the rest of the world
in our perceptions
i welcome this change
a chance to walk into the unknown
of course everyday is like that
tomorrow never knows
but i wake up anyway
thinking there might just be a chance
for something better
something new and different
i embrace this moment that waits before me
life is change
change is the jingling in my pocket
every breath i draw points
to a change in how i
i wake to a fog that is burning away
always dreaming of a new tomorrow
a new start a new beginning
i look forward to this
i lay my head down
knowing that today
will be replaced by tomorrow
and right now has already passed

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passed that to the stars that make up my disbelief

my life is the angles of the architecture
that shelters my vessel
the straight edges and curved lines
the abstract of the clouds
floating over my head
making faces that look down on me
passed that to the stars
that make up my disbelief and amazement
how is it that we are suspended here
stuck upon this earth drifting in this space
the soils that grow
moving flowers into the air
the spider that waits patiently
not moving not flinching
until it’s victim comes to it
the dirt and the pavement
i walk on to move forward
the pillow i lay my head down on
embracing it in it’s dream
my life is the water that keeps me awake
my life is abstract and angled
straight edged and curved
slicing it’s way through the mud
dirty in it’s lies and loves
sweating into the earth

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just a piece of wood
turned into stone
no longer living
just there
rained upon
stood upon
faced against the elements
the rock slowly
drifting away
as dust

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