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and the plane flies overhead…..

and i’m thinking about the letter
i’m writing to a friend
i always wonder
while sitting on this earth
how the hell does it stay up there
gliding across the sky
why doesn’t it fall
and then i think
how much i like flying in a plane
looking down at the earth
imaging all those that are here
occupying the same space as me
living and breathing this air
what it is that they are
looking down on their cars
and stores and houses
floating above their streets
and thinking about what my street looks like
and then the plane is gone
just the rumble of it’s engines
fading in to the rumble of the city
and i go back and finish
my letter to my friend

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i just want to remain
i don’t want to belong to a party
i want what’s right
but how can this be
when we all see right
as something slightly different
and it’s exponential
the degrees of separation
a little bit here
a little bit there
just stay on point
what is the compromise
that we can all live with
or are there valleys so wide
that there isn’t a clear view
or clear incentive to just try and live
i’ll be nice
can you be nice
it’s always a compromise
it’s always a bit of mine
and a bit of yours
and bits of all the others

 i refuse to pick a side
but i know one is better than the other
not the best
but definitely not the worst
i choose based on not choosing
the worst
a sad commentary on the world we live in
where the issues which are really important to us
get whitewashed by the theatrics
and the words that have nothing to do
with whether we will get better
ring in a cacophonous symphony
drowning out the real voices that should be heard

 what has happened to common sense
what happened to striving for the common goal
all i really want
is to be comfortable
it’s simple really
to be able to eat
be healthy

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the man with the white shirt on, preaching to the door

i saw a man the other day
standing on a stairway leading to a door
he was preaching to a wreath on that door
he told it to take care
be safe
and to worry no more
he made large circles with his hands
and threw them toward the door
take care
be safe
worry no more
then he turned and looked at me
all will be well my child
he said
all will be well
i smiled and nodded my head
and said
all will be well
what else was i to believe
at that moment
it seemed like the right thing
i know my realities
but this made me smile
he turned back to the door
and began to preach again
he made large circles with his hands
and threw them towards the door
i walked home
take care
be safe
worry no more

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the question

okay you are on desert island
what would you bring

 i thought about this a bit
because after all
it is a desert island
desert implying
lots and lots of sand
so my answer is this…

 i would bring with me
the most indestructible
fully supplied boat

 that way i could
motor my way back
to the mainland
and grab everything else
i might want to bring with me

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2 truths

there’s two sides to the story
both sides will try to convince you
that their story is the true one
you decide
whether it be by association
or intuition
it ultimately comes down to
you and me
to recognize what is that truth
and that truth
to some
means something
completely different
to others
go with your heart
some say
but what if your heart is blinded
by that which is greater then itself
you’re coddled into submission
like a dog lying on it’s back
as it’s belly get scratched
truth is a hard choice
one that most of us try to avoid
so which truth will it be

 that is the question

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sky blue pjs

my father never wakes before say 1 or 2 in the afternoon
but the other day
while i was visiting
i heard the door to his bedroom open up
i was cooking breakfast
for my mom not expecting to see him
but there he was at 11:00 in the morning
cruising down the hallway
in his sky blue pajamas
his white hair pushed up into a mohawk
he looked at me surprised
you’re still here he asked me
as i had said good bye to him the night before
knowing i would leave in the morning before he would wake
he stood there a moment
as he watched me stir up our breakfast
you’re still here he said
i looked at him and smiled
yea dad it’s 11:00 in the morning
it is?  he said a bit taken back
yeah.. good morning to you, i replied
oh… ok… well i’m off to the bathroom
okay  i smiled back at him
on his way back
we said goodbye again
it was a nice surprise to see him
gliding down the hallway
before the noon hour
in his sky blue pajamas and his mohawk hair
on a nice pleasant sunday

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my sdrawkcab back

mercury retro he said
really… hmm… that makes sense
my back went out
on the 24th of September
and started feeling better
on the 15th of October
funny those are the exact dates of
mercury retrograde in 2008
so i guess being that
retrograde basically means
mercury is going backwards
it seems fitting that my Back
would try to pull me wards the other way
funny sometimes
how life can paint
a pretty strange picture
like this

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everything misconstrude

if i say it
they will think it is
something else
there is no convincing
the true meaning
everyone has a different slant
is it a good day
or a bad day
were the words i said
taken out of context
or just not fully interpreted
we all see what we want to see
and sometimes
at the expense of others
each word has it’s place
and when strung together
have a meaning
this is what i mean
no…  this is what you meant
i’ll try to make it more clear
but these are the only words i have
so i hope you understand

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when all else fails

you don’t know until you’re right there
right in the thick of it
if you can stand
take the pressure
pushing you against the wind
eye to eye
head to head
sometimes you just don’t know the answer
until it reveals itself to you
sometimes it will just remain a question

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you there

okay wait a minute
i’ll be right back
you still there
hold on
someone’s knocking
nobody there
let me get something
oh shit it fell
i’ve got to get this
alright just give me one second
still there
i’ve got to write something
i hear you
but my phones ringing
hold on
i’ll be there soon
oh wow i just …
now there is …
hold on
i got you
no wait
i was wrong
one moment please
i’ll be right back
you still there
i’m here


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