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san francisco summer

summer in the city
happens about 5 days a year
well I exaggerate of course
but what can I say
in this city
this city of fog
you have to embrace
the days that are warm
for there are far to few
there is an aroma
a subtle buzz
an undetected energy
it’s warm in this here city
this foggy city by the bay
to stand in my garden
as it drenches itself
in the sun and the heat
i covet this moment
this warmth
to be able to soak in it in the night
without sweater or jacket
seems such a foreign thing
but i open my arms
and take it all in
each little moment
for tomorrow the fog will return
as always does

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i will melt into a puddle of tears
i will fall into the sea
i will fade into the moonless night
i will drift off on a light summer breeze
i will disappear into the sunset
that sinks below the horizon
that sits outside my window
i will fly away with all the birds
on their journey to warmer skies
i will tell myself that it’s all okay
even though i know it’s all i can do
to get through my day
i will imagine all the things i can
that pass through
this tiny tiny brain
i will take it all in stride
when i know that at any moment
i could lose it all
i will will myself now and then
when i will recognize the hope
i carry inside this body of mine
even though i know i will
eventually expire from all the willing
i will do between now and then

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Howdy FL :  )