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sitting on your back porch
outside the screen door
watching the bugs fly around
sipping on a cold drink
passing the time that’s mine to spend
i come here most everyday
i never go inside
and that’s ok
sometimes i sit
maybe i read
maybe i think
sometimes we talk
you inside me outside
it’s comfortable
and pleasant
in it’s own way
you don’t mind my visits
and don’t mind if i just sit awhile
with nothing to say
it seems to work
this thing we do
you there in your kitchen
me here on your porch
i stay a bit
and then i am on my way
it’s such a small thing
just sittin here
sometimes for minutes
sometimes for hours
innocuous and insignificant
but it’s such a big part of my day
and as i get up to leave
and we say our ado’s
i think to myself
this is the part of my day
i most look forward to
and is most remembered
when i finally walk away

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Howdy FL :  )

it stirs

what is this
my life
it wakes
it wanders
it stirs
it wonders

it knows…..
i know

there are some things that just are
as much as you want to them
to be something else
they are just what they are

i can’t project
on to anything
or even something on to one thing

inanimate objects are much easier to acquire
those things with
those things that are not acquired or owned

those things that are not things
but are people

are a whole different story
and different amongst themselves

i wander
i wonder
with great interest
but i know my boundaries
not my limitations
just my realities
and sometimes i have to remind myself

i only know me

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Howdy FL :  )