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it’s saturday

and I have to get my ass
up and out a bed
although my mind has
other ideas
it’s foggy and cold out there
and warm and soft in here
although there is a fog
that lingers in my head
there are the obligations
i always question
why am I doing this
oh yeah there is a reason
it’s saturday and
i just want to stay here
and dangle a bit
soft and warm
beneath my covers
in bed

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imaginary sharks

when i was a kid
i would scare the shit out of myself
by convincing myself
that there were indeed
sharks in that pool
i could do it without fail
i would think about it long enough
and then there they were
waiting to devour me without warning
i had read Jaws
i had seen the movie
and there were the sharks
swimming with me

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little bandits

there was a ruckus outside my window
some kind of fight
screaming and yelling
i opened my shade
and pushed opened my window
one was still standing there under the street light
he looked up at me and we caught eyes
before he ducked out and into the dark
i waited a moment to see what it was about
nothing really i guess
maybe a difference of opinion
maybe wrong directions
a watched for a bit more
and then they came out…..
first one then another
then one more
they scurried up the sidewalk
with their bandit faces and their tails up high
you don’t see them to often in this city of lights
but they are there
so off they went strolling up the side walk
chattering to each other
looking for another backyard entrance
another hideout

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sometimes i have nothing to write
i look at the clock
as it pushes me towards the door
think…. think……
will there be words to fill the void
the minutes ticking louder
the pressure getting higher
nothing in there
well at least not easily accessible
time reminds me i have to go
so this is it
this is all i have today
will be another today

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let the game begin

there are no rules
life is played as the cards get laid
but there is no card counting
because the deck never ends
are there equal amounts
of kings and queens
of 2’s and 3’s
how would i know if i play my Ace
will it be the last i’ll ever have
or will there be a flood
how many cards in your deck
I’ve given up keepin track
so how many

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a gate

we all stand at the gate
at one time or another
more frequently then we’d
like to admit
those are our choices
will we walk the straight line
go through gate
walk along it’s perimeter
choose to stand and watch
or turn and walk the other way
no one is in my mind
no one can understand
these paths i choose to walk
i like or i dislike
i read or i don’t
we all have opinions
based a life of sacrifices and experiences
and no two are alike
What will i choose
i never know until i get there
each day each moment
presents new opportunities
or perils i must negotiate
my moment in front of the gate
is my moment
and in that moment
i will choose

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too many moments

sometimes I sit and feel this
emptiness inside
and i think of the these moments
that are gone
is that this emptiness
these moments that will never be again
moments turned into memories
the longing for what is now just a faded dream
nothing to hold on too
nothing to wrap my arms around
it will pass this need this longing
it too will become just a memory
and just another moment that has passed

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passing passed the past

in the past
i passed by
a place that
i always
would remember
when I passed the age
of all my past
passing the
of my past

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moaning song

my deck outside my house
sings a song
when the wind blows through
it’s the only place i know
that has it’s own song
when the fog rolls in
when the wind blows by
it bellows and sings
a mellow song of solitude
through the spaces between
it’s boards soft notes play
the song of emptiness
or song of any mood
as i sit and listen
it soothes the day
that has already passed

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the facts

dragging my ass out of bed
some mornings
can be a difficult thing
then there are some mornings
I like to let my ass lead the way

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