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just that…

today was a day filled with obstacles
when I drove to work it seemed as though
everyone who got in front of me
was either slowly taking there time
or stopping and waiting for a miracle
it truly befuddled my mind
I drove around them for the most part
but i thought as i made my way to work
how odd it was that it seemed as if every one was high
i drove my car like i drive my scooter
which is a big mistake
and this is how the day progressed
as if in slow motion
like in my dreams where I am running
but not going anywhere
by the end of the day i was just to tired to try
i let myself crawl home
i let myself crawl inside
i let myself cry
i cried
i just needed to
sometimes i just have to
slow down
sometimes i have to just
let it happen
sometimes it does
just that

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under my breath

mysterious things happen
thoughts are thought
expressions are expressed
but it is all hidden
under a cloak of my own making
to low for anyone to notice
to faint for anyone to hear
on the verge of becoming a reality
it hangs by finger tips
under my breath

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it’s funny…

sometimes i want to
sit and not think
sometimes i sit because
i can’t do anything else

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the art of the snooze
in 9 or 11 min increments
i drift between my awake
and my asleep
i fight off the day
with every slap of my clock
i slowly succumb to the reality
that is not my dream
some times though it’s hard to tell

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so they think …

there are pirates
on our water ways
there are political spin machines
there are bullies in schools
and down the streets

all trying to take what is not theirs
or impose what they believe
they promote themselves as right
or righteous
and then they
force us into their values

i have no time for this
no capacity to ingest
on there terms
they are looking for a fight
they want the confrontation
to them that is gold
to validate their argument

no thank you
my time is just that
my time
i won’t read into your lies
i won’t satisfy your lust
for power
I’d sooner piss on myself
in front of the world
then give you any acknowledgment

this is the most
you will get from me

you want my reaction
you won’t get it
as far as I am concerned
you are far less important
then the shit
that has decayed into
a pile full of maggots
from a stray dog

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yellow bike

i watched as a rather tall man
on a rather tall yellow bike
rode past

as i watched

another man
on another bike rode
past the rather tall man
on the rather tall yellow bike

it occurred to me that
the rather tall man
was really
a very tall man
on a very tall yellow bike
as he made the other man
look very small

I watched
as the very tall man
rode up to a very small car
where he got off his
very tall yellow bike
and placed it on the bike rack
of the very small car
then the very tall man
got into his very small car
and they all drove away

that’s just how it is.

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a friend therefore I am

do we need to ask
our friends
if they are
our friends
isn’t trust
the basis
for who we have as friends

but i know
there are many
that abuse this
rule of friendship
which leads us to
be cautious

but this i know of me
i am
a friend
therefore i am

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a letter

i wrote a letter to a friend today
no wait you don’t understand
i actually wrote……
i wrote
with pen
and paper
a letter

i loved writing letters when
I was a kid
magically my hand would move
across the page
and on this paper the words
would appear

elegant and thoughtful.

is most of my life
just a memory

it didn’t use to be
this way
some of my life was

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so many little rattles in my brain
when i shake my head
they all resonate
in a cacophonous

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me and you
no wait you and i
that’s what it is
you and i
have a history
that keeps building
who knows
what tomorrow will bring
but for today
and for now
you and i

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