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the old barn

There is an old barn that sits by the road.
I drive by it almost everyday.
Today for some reason I noticed that this barn’s roof was starting to peel away.
And that it’s foundation was starting to sag.
The wood now exposed to time and the elements was starting to rot.

I wondered why I hadn’t notice it before.

Maybe it’s because I usually notice this barn when coming from the other direction.
Where it presents it’s self as this sturdy, sound, upright structure with little or no flaws.
A strong and worthy barn that can hold up against the elements of life.
No tears in it’s roof, no sinking of it’s foundation, no rotting of the wood that holds it together.

You can’t see those things unless you see it from the other direction or take a closer look.
You can’t begin to recognize it’s reality unless you see the whole structure.

The pieces that you can’t see will get the best of it.
Without warning, it will appear,
It’s structure unable to support it’s self, will collapse.

It will be it’s undoing.

I thought to myself how it reminded me …. of myself.

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my soap

I said goodbye to my soap today.

I loved that soap.
Coco Butter.
it was one of three.
The other 2 long gone by now.

I used the last of it this morning.

I rubbed on my scrunchy, scrubby thingy that I use to wash my body.

As I rubbed it into the scrunchy scrubby thingy ….
it just faded a away until there was nothing left but it’s soft and velvety little bubbles.

I spread those all over my body,

under my legs,

across my stomach,

around my breast,

between my legs,

into the darkest parts of me ………

I spread it all over my body
every place I could reach
lathering it’s softness against my body
so that I could feel for the last time
this soap I loved so much.

Oh I know there will be others, there always are, but this soap for now…..

This soap I loved so much….

…… it will linger in my memory like the soft satin bubbles that caress my body.

I loved that soap.

I will live this feeling for today.

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he looks at her
she looks at him

she wonders what he is thinking
he might wonder the same

he looks at her
she looks at him

they smile

and eat popcorn

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