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as i lay beside you

As I lay there beside you I feel warmth and comfort.
Your feet rub up against mine.
they’re so soft and warm.
It fills me up so.

You roll over and wrap your arms around me.
Nothing can harm me now.
So strong are your arms, so inviting.

I feel the rush of contentment laying there beside you.
I can’t image I would want to be anywhere else.
You press my body against yours and I feel the life that flows thru your soul.

You kiss me softly touching your lips against the back of my neck
It sends a shiver of pleasure through my entire body.
I know that I am completely safe in your arms.

Your arms, so strong, so long, so perfect in an unperfect world.
Your body so enticing, so sensual, so sexy.
You fill me with euphoric delight as you move your body against mine.

I miss you

I miss that feeling of being in your arms, safe and comfortable in this world.
You made me want to be a better person.
You made me think about who I am.
You filled me with love and excitement.

Your words are like poetry as they leave your soft lips that I so long to kiss again.
Lips so soft and engaging. Wet and luscious. Strong and warm.

I wish I knew why I can’t feel you next to me.
You were so loving and caring and warm.

I miss you

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wants, needs, desires

I want YOU!

I need oxygen.

I desire to be held in your arms.

I need food.

I want to feel your soft lips against mine.

I need water.

I desire to be next to you.

I need to make sure to not forget about me.

I don’t want the guilt of you thinking that you now must address my needs.
My needs are mine and mine alone.
Only I can take care of my needs, unless of course I am pinned under a crane that has fallen from a building, then of course I need all the help I can get.

I want and I desire

I do not live or die by those wants and desires.

They make me happy, excited, euphoric.
They bring me joy and love and peace of mind.
They give me a rush, make me feel like I am floating on air.
They fill me up.
And I love that.

I love You.
I want You.
I desire You
I do not need You.

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