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drawn to close to see
separating the us from
the plain and the trite
pushing passed obstacles
blurred by indecision
but my eyes…
don’t see so clearly
reflectors and masks
color my vision
greys become blue
reds become white
blacks are just black
blocking out the common sense
muting the music that use to play in my mind
no more sound
no more light
no more imagination
just painful memories
repeating in my head

a loses b
c loses d
it is profound how the
eminent outcome to all of our lives
exceeds anything we can hold
tangibly up to the sun
how the
absolute answer is the one thing
we find the most unknown

i wished my father a happy birthday
and he ask that i wish him
a happy next birthday

and as i was saying
i’m sure you’ll have a next birthday
i found myself thinking

i hope you have a next birthday

it will come
i know it will
and i know i will live past it
i don’t know how i will live through it
i will
no doubt
i just don’t know how