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In the Attic
Strangegirl is no stranger to the San Francisco music scene. Former "White Trash Debutantes" drummer, Kim Foscato, has traded in the sticks for guitar and lead vocals. From the promising songs we previewed, this band is destined to be a known talent. Both "Undone" and "Precious Time" evoke the bombastic, folksy, earnestness of early Indigo Girls, while the full-throttle guitar interspersed with nimble melodic hooks and brilliant drumming demonstrates a solid rocker's edge. Kim's drumming talents are now channeled into powerful vocal delivery, and her fully articulated lyrics decry the debilitating effects of love and the angst-ridden journey out of it. A solid band that holds its own with musical acuity, look for the upcoming CD release and live gigs in April. Zannah Noe"

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