Years together: 2 Origin of band/artist: It started a couple of years ago in San Francisco when Kim traded in the drums for a guitar and mic.Then Jerry joined, then Rob, then Matt. It is pop base with hard rock and a little folk thrown in there. Very melodic, great vocals and mean guitar. Philosophy: To make music that satisfies. Sometimes tell a story, sometimes pass along an idea. There are things that burn inside you. If left alone or long enough they will start to spill out of ya. You can't stop it and you shouldn't try. For those that withhold their dreams don't know the power of being truly satisfied. Music is the language spoken by all, it crosses most boundaries and should be expressed whenever possible. Future plans and goals: We are just finishing our debut CD. We would like the world to hear what we have to offer. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible. And always enjoy the music.